Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Movie Review : POTC 4 [On Stranger Tides]

Pirates of The Carribean: On Stranger Tides 

Out of 10, I rate it a 7. Reason why?
I believe that the fourth did not have many action scenes and there were many questions lingering.. Like how did Philip know the name of the mermaid, Syrena and as well vice versa. And where did Syrena bring Philip to at the end of the movie?
It was quite a let down for a POTC fan. Agreed? Share your opinions with me below or at my Shout box.

 My favourite character of all time will of cause have to be Captain Jack Sparrow. :) His voice and his facial expressions are amazing! He's legendary.. He fits the character so perfectly. I love how there was a scene where Captain Jack Sparrow showed a softer side to him where he knew he had feelings for Angelica. <3

Okay so there was something bothering me about Angelica. As u all know, she played a fiesty strong woman character.. Remember the scene where Jack left her at the island and left right before he kissed her? I expected her to have done more than just shoot at him with that one last bullet. She did not swim after him nor fight him to stay. This part left me confused of her character in the movie.

Now as for Blackbeard.. I didn't like the name of his ship, Queen Anne's Revenge. Somehow it did not stand out for me. :\ But I guess that's my own personal opinion. Anyhow I love the Blackbeard character. It was all cool and interesting.. :DD *thumbs up*

But the negative part about Blackbeard was the way he was killed. He was such a powerful captain and he was killed by just being stabbed in the back by the "One Legged Man"?! OMG I was expecting a huge war or something! More fights at least! Ugh.. See? Another let down.

 The cute couple. I love how the writer made this 2 (Philip and Syrena) fall in love. I would have never expected it from the start. I thought Philip was just a insignificant character in this movie. <3 Love the softer side of POTC. Philip Swift's real name is Sam Claflin and as for Syrena, her name is Astrid Berges-Frisbey. Kinda find her name so cool. ;D

 Well here's a treat for you guys.. ;) I believe the mermaids are beautiful. 

Here is the first Mermaid they encountered. She is actually a supermodel from Australia named Gemma Ward. So gorgeous. Somehow her looks attracted me most. There is just something about her that is so alluring.
Breanne Beth Berret acted as another mermaid too.

Okay so here.. This scene was the most disgusting part of the whole movie! Ewww! Wth is with that smile and the thumbs up!? So gross! Omg I still can't get it out of my mind.

Hope you enjoyed the review. Please share your opinions with me. Thank you so much! :D

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