Tuesday, 31 May 2011


:'( I am having one of those unimaginably horrible day. Its so horrible that the moment I woke up, it felt like my world has came to an end. Funny how things work out sometimes for us in life..

Some days I just wish that I was a li'l girl again. The li'l girl who used to stare out the window and always wondering what its like out there.. Curious and excited to explore the adventures of the world. Ignorance is bliss. *sigh* Life was just so much simpler then.. :')

At the age of 2, thats the last I ever thought life was full of sparkles and fireworks. Things started to fall apart at three. So my wish right now is to please make me 2 again. Then stop right there. I want to just see the world in those li'l eyes again. Always imagining life as a fairytale and not knowing fairytales don't come true. 

Sorry I am prolly making u all bored. But I guess I just needed a place to rant about me being all emotional. :) I feel better now!

Will blog again in the evening or night. Stay tuned! I am off to MidValley now.. Call me if anyone wants to meet up. <3

Its one thing to be strong and another to be prepared for the worst.

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