Tuesday, 31 May 2011


:'( I am having one of those unimaginably horrible day. Its so horrible that the moment I woke up, it felt like my world has came to an end. Funny how things work out sometimes for us in life..

Some days I just wish that I was a li'l girl again. The li'l girl who used to stare out the window and always wondering what its like out there.. Curious and excited to explore the adventures of the world. Ignorance is bliss. *sigh* Life was just so much simpler then.. :')

At the age of 2, thats the last I ever thought life was full of sparkles and fireworks. Things started to fall apart at three. So my wish right now is to please make me 2 again. Then stop right there. I want to just see the world in those li'l eyes again. Always imagining life as a fairytale and not knowing fairytales don't come true. 

Sorry I am prolly making u all bored. But I guess I just needed a place to rant about me being all emotional. :) I feel better now!

Will blog again in the evening or night. Stay tuned! I am off to MidValley now.. Call me if anyone wants to meet up. <3

Its one thing to be strong and another to be prepared for the worst.

Au de natural with a tinge of make up?

Hi there! I am here to give u all tips on how to achieve a flawless natural look using make up. :)
U know how some models have very prominent jawline in pictures? I know just how to make that illusion! ;D Read on loves..
                                                                                                        So lets start off with the basic foundation. The best I have used so far is Christian Dior, Extreme Fit. So my first choice of recommendation would be this. U can either use a sponge or a foundation brush.
 Before putting foundation on ur face, firstly squeeze the amount u want on ur hand so that it is at body temperature. This helps better blending.

P.S.- Do make sure that u used moisturizer before applying ur foundation.                                              
I usually use this before I apply on any make up. This helps hydrate ur skin. Its called the Moisture Surge by Clinique. Do know that if ur skin is dry, more dead skin cells fall off hence resulting in ur make up not being able to last long.

This would be my 2nd best recommendation.  This is definitely much cheaper and it has a great coverage. This works best for oily or combination skin as it gives a matte look.

Use ur finger to apply small amounts of foundation on ur forehead, cheeks, nose bridge and below ur lower lip. Use the sponge and start off at the cheek (lowest part of ur cheek nearest to the nose) and work ur way up to the highest part of ur cheek as shown in the picture below. Do the same with the other side of ur cheek. As for your forehead, move the sponge upwards. For the nose, just use ur sponge spreading it all over ur nose in an upward direction. U can use ur finger to spread the small amount right below your lower lip sideways.

P.S.- The reason why I say that U must move ur sponge upwards is because, if u move it downwards all the time, it is very likely that you'll have wrinkles at a young age.

Now use ur concealer after ur foundation. U can use any type of concealer that works best for ur skin. I usually use the concealer from The Body Shop. Smudge it on areas where u want concealed. Dab on it to blend it. Do not rub.

P.S.- U should always use ur concealer after foundation because if u use it before, when u apply ur foundation, u will  usually rub it off.

Apply ur concealer on ur eye bags (if u have panda eyes). Work from the inner corner of the eye with a finger or a brush and move it outwards.

 Use a powder to set ur make up. It is necessary. I use Cyber Colours, Gemstone Compact. It has an spf of 40.
Now is time for blusher. I use Christian Dior, Rose Dragee code number 829. I personally love this because it gives a very natural blush. 

I use a bigger blusher brush to give it a natural look. As a small brush would usually make certain areas look more concentrated and give a blotchy look. Work from the lowest point of ur cheek and work your way up. :)
 Now for the prominent jawline look. :) This bronzer is from Clinique. I use a bronzer to give this nip in effect. Use the lighter shade for fair skin tones and use the darker one for dark skin tones.
Use a smaller brush and suck in ur cheeks. Brush the bronzer over the hollow area. Do it on both sides of the cheek.  

Now if you want to make ur nose look sharper, use an eyeshadow brush and the bronzer to do this. Brush the bronzer on the sides of ur nose bridge. 
 Brush it till this point of your nose and stop. Now your nose will look so much sharper! :D Cool?

 For the mascara, I use an eyebrow brush to brush my eyelashes so that there are no overlaps. Helps best when you want to avoid clogs when u are using ur mascara! 

 For the natural look, I use MAC Haute & Naughty Lash. It has two effects. One natural (twist the pink for the natural brush) and one more dramatic (twist the purple one for the thicker brush). Since I am going for natural I would use the pink one. :D

Use a nude lip gloss or lipstick to complete this look.

 Your look is now completed. :)

Hope this post was of much help to you. Reviews please? :) If u have any further questions, drop them as comments or put them in the chat box on ur left. Thank you! 

Sunday, 29 May 2011


Now about my day..
I had to wake up at 3.45am this morning! I am not even trying to fool u. I had to wake up to get ready before my bf came to pick me up at 4.20am for a run in Putrajaya! :( It was a 3km run. I know if I were to say what I am about to say next, u'll be like wth? How did she survive?!

I never exercised at all in about 1 yr++. No jogs, no badminton, no swimming.. NOTHING! :D So yes.. I amat bangga with my achievement today. Among 5000 other ppl, my team came in as team number 125. :D Amazing how that happened as non of us were in it to win it. We went for the run as to get full kokurikulum marks as this was an international event.

The run is called Ekiden Run. :) There were approximately 1million ppl in Putrajaya today. Apparently the PM, Najib was there too. :S I was jst too busy running (by running I meant jogging and brisk walking and prolly a 200m sprint every now and then) that I did not notice his arrival. :X

When I was running, I was about to die! First of all, I almost got hit by a bus. -.- Then the route I took had at least 5 steep UPHILLS! OMG! I was contemplating of stealing someone's motorcycle then dumping it 500m before the 3rd checkpoint. I will upload pics another day as there are a few technical difficulties. I GOT A MEDAL BTW! <3

Lessons on how to get a perfect "gel like" manicure the easy way w/o spending a minimum of RM30.

Hi everyone.. :)
I am here today to share tips on how to achieve the perfect manicure at home w/o spending so much on the outside. Today, I have chosen a very simple and elegant design. Enjoy.. ;)

Rule No. 1: 
Always soak your fingers in warm water and massge lotion onto hands before starting a manicure! I would recommend using cocoa buter or the lotion below from Crabtree & Evelyn. It helps moisten ur cuticles and nails for easy filing and trimming. :D In picture 1, is the cocoa butter lotion from Palmer's and a filer as well as a buffer. Buff ur nails to hv an extra shiny effect!

<- This lotion helps refines lines and softens corns for really rough hands. Crabtree & Evelyn "Gardeners Hand Therapy". It is RM80 for a medium sized tube.

Step 1: Massage lotion onto fingernails. Especially on the corners so that it softens the cuticles for easy removal.

Step 2: File your nails into a curve while letting the lotion seep into ur skin to soften the cuticles. Manicures usually look better with rounded nails.

P.S.- This is implied to most manicures except French Manicure. I personally think French looks better on rectangular-shaped nails.

Step 3: Remove cuticles gently! Best if cuticles are able to be pushed back in. :)

Before I proceed, do make sure that these are right beside u when doing ur manicure as sometimes it gets messy and these are our best friends.

These are the main 2 priorities that you need for a manicure. On the left is the Base Coat and on the right is the Top Coat. This Top Coat helps makes your nails look very shiny and smooth (professionally done) when applied. It also helps quicken the process of drying nails.

P.S.- If u do not have a top coat that helps dry nails qucikly and ur in a rush, soak ur manicured hands in cold water. This helps speed up the drying process by about 10-15 minutes.

 Design 1: This design is made for prom and as well glam dinners. Do this only if you have the patience as it takes up about 30 minutes to complete painting your nails. Start painting your nails from the 1st nail polish on the left (Anna Sui- 310) as the base. I usually apply only 1 layer to prevent from having the color turn out too dark. U can use other light colors as u please. Then top the base color with a reddish glitter polish and blend the silver glitter polish to have a 3D effect when looked at different angles. Lastly add on stars when nails are dry. Rmbr to apply the top coat! :D

 This is your product! :) Ta-dah!
 *claps hands* Sorry lighting is a li'l dim. :(

Design 2: This design is more inclined towards the color Nude. This color suits the Season Fall best. 
Start applying the base colour, 1st from the left. Its a peachy pink color. The code number is OR201 from The Face Shop. U can apply 2 layers for this one as the colour is pretty light. Then apply the silver glitter polish on top of the base color. Finally add on a pink glitter with star on top of the silver glitter when dry.

Product: It may look a li'l dull in this picture due to the lighting. The base colour is actually more obvious and darker.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Hey everyone.. ;D

Nicole is back!

It has been way too long since I last blogged.. I guess the reason why I stopped was because I had tons of weird people commenting on my cbox about (horny) stuff they wanted to do to me. Well well.. The world is full of people like that. Thanks for dropping by to view my blog. Pls leave a msg at the chat box on ur right! ;DD I miss blogging so much I just couldn't resist.. My own, My love, My Precioussss...

So today all I did was stay home and had a movie marathon! ♥
Was home alone with my maid so we hogged the home theatre all the long playing Lord of The Rings! *squeels* Legolas and Aragorn and Gandalf The White are my fave characters! I jst have a huge crush on this movie. :P
It is by far the best sci fi movie I have every watched! Only had time to watch the 2nd and half of the 3rd.. Beats every other sci fi movie hands down. Especially, TWILIGHT series. Ugh! Disappointment!

I guess I could say the reasons why I  love this movie is cos of its beautiful sceneries and the very specific details they put into this movie. The action and characters and emotions are all amazing. All 3 series are amazingly well done. I personally think 3rd is the best.. ;) More fighting scenes and surprises.  I know u all may think that this is more of a guy movie but hey.. I LOVE GUY MOVIES! :D Romance movies are overrated.

So after watching the movie, we both got ready and went for a BBQ at a friend's hse.. The girls are still as crazy as I once first met them. And as usual, girls= CAMWHORES! ;D Whole thing was pretty fun except for the hot weather in Malaysia. Grr...

Au revoir!
Thanks for visiting my blog.. Stay tuned to more posts. Sorry for boring u with the first one though. More updates on make up and fashion and maybe.. ;) Tips on Realtionships, Girls, Boys and life.

Gotta wake up at 3.45am cos I have a mini marathon tomorrow at Putrajaya! If ur interested, do come and give us ur support. There will be tv casts from Japan and TV3 as well as many other activities. The prime minister of Malaysia NAJIB will be the guest of honor.

Lots of love,
Nicole Allisson ♥