Wednesday, 17 August 2011


I know its been forever since I posted something.
Reason being college just started for me and everything is kinda hectic. :) Well ever since college started, its been pretty busy and hectic due to all the quizzes and tests but coping well.

Anyway, I was hoping if u guys could help me vote for this competition I joined. :D I only have 8days and a few hours left till they announce the winner! :) If I win this competition, I'll have the chance to be on the cover of Cleo magazine. (something i've always been yearning for!) So here's the link. U can check it out. Thank u so so so much. I know this is a li'l troublesome, but please please do help me. It'll only take 5 mins or less. <3

First u'll have to register, Verify ur account by signing into ur e-mail account and the login to vote! I am on page 13, 2nd pic all the way to the bottom right. :)

This is the pic taken and used for the competition. :D I am on page 13, 2nd from bottom right!

 These two pics are part of my recent photo shoot. :)

Thank u so much for helping out. I love u all.. <3 :)

Please be my miracle workers! <3 :D

Monday, 11 July 2011

I believe in Magic

I had a make up shopping spree today! <3 :D
My perfect remedy for all my problems..
U know, ppl say make up makes u fake.. Some people use it to change the way they look but...

I believe make up can be beneficial to your skin and it helps highlight beautiful areas and some make up has minerals and moisture that ur skin needs.
It really depends how you use your make up. It shouldn't be used as to manipulate other people and change your looks..

Things I bought today! :)

Lets start of with Pavilion...
This apparently helps give your lips a very natural pink shade. This is a two way lippie. The red side is collagen that helps refine the lines on your lips whereas the white side helps remove dark areas on your lips and return your original lip colour.
Price: RM118
Location: Parkson @ Pavilion
Brand: ShiZens
This hand cream is very unique as it is water base. When you squeeze the cream out of the tube, its matte and it looks dry but when u rub it a little, u can see droplets of water forming on ur hand. This formula helps the moisture to seep into ur skin with much ease. I bought two tubes cause it's THAT good! :D
Price: RM48
Location: Parkson @ Pavilion
Brand: ShiZens

When I went to Sephora, damage done:

O.P.I. Nail Lacquer
Colour code: Meet Me on the Star Ferry
Price: RM59
Location: Sephora (directly opposite Pavilion's main entrance)

Korean Brand Face Line Shading Highlighter
It has duo effect. One functions as a shader to enhance your contours and the other is to highlight your cheekbones, chin, T-zone etc.. Really love the matte feeling of this..
I would go back to get this again when I finish! It's affordable and the quality is assured. It has very smooth and easy application.

Price: RM37.90
Location: Sephora

Dior Skin Extreme Fit
The best skin foundation! Thick coverage and a perfect finish..
My mom and I have been using this for years and we both have sensitive skin! Those of you out there, this foundation is worth every penny. I usually put this on and not put on any other make up products to have a porcelain skin look. Sometimes with a tinge of blusher..
Brand: Christian Dior
Price: RM140
Location: Sephora

After all the purchases, I got this mini 10 day trial powder for free. :) I guess it's pretty alright. Love the cute brush! :D This gives light-medium coverage and it feels so light on my skin! Its like not having any make up on! The next round at Sephora, I might just get it! <3

Now at COCiCOCi!
Damage done: Minimal

This is a 3 in 1 concealer. The pink is used for dark circles, green used for red blotchy patches and the nude color is used for pimple scars or any other pigmentations.
Brand: essence, forget it!
Price: RM11.90
Location: COCiCOCi (Bintang Walk further down from Fahrenheit 88)
U can also get it at MV now that they just opened up a new branch there.. There are more brands available at MV.

This is a new range by essence. It has very nice shades that blend very well together! <3
Brand: essence, Metallics Quatro Eyeshadow in number 3
Price: RM17.90
Location: COCiCOCi

This is one of my favorite eyeshadow pallete.. U can use this to create smokey eyes for both day and night! Perfect pallete for a whole day. Now every lady can keep this small pallete in their handbag and be prepared for any surprise events or dates! <3 :D So cheap and useful!
Brand: essence, quattro eyeshadow
Price: RM14.90
Location: COCiCOCi

Now this two eye liners are a steal! One is a white eyeliner that I use to make my eyes look much brighter and awake and the black one to make my eyes look bigger! It glides very easily on my eye lids.. The tip is soft as it is a crayon. Surprisingly whenever I use crayon eye liners it will smudge and break easily whereas this doesn't.. The white eye liner is a pearly metallic white. When you put it on, it looks like a li'l bit silvery. U wouldn't believe your eyes when you see the price!

Brand: essence, Metallic
Price: RM6.90 for one
Location: COCiCOCi

Now start shopping for ur make up at both this places for great grabs!

Sephora offers a wide range of products such as Soap&Glory, Christian Dior, Clarins, Clinique and many more..! Visit their facebook SEPHORA . This page is always active as the sales assistant from Sephora is always there to assist u online. On the left is their stocklist. Click it to view the brands they offer!

COCiCOCi offers quality make up with prices so affordable! This is your go to place if you are on a tight budget! They offer products such as essence, Hope Girl (korean brand), Empro and a few others. Essence is the number 1 brand in Europe. The reason for their low prices is because they do not advertise their products. Quality is ensured! :)

Thanks for reading and leaving ur footprints behind everyone..
Follow my blog for more make up/shopping or even personal updates! <3

Saturday, 9 July 2011

You're Beautiful Drama Review

This song brings great meaning and emotions to me. I will post up the meaning of this song below.
The name of the Drama is You're Beautiful and it is definitely one of my favorite dramas. This drama is funny, romantic, happy and sad all at the same time.

This drama is about a girl (Go Mi Nyu) who is about to graduate as a nun but something happened to her fraternal twin brother (Go Mi Nam) who is an aspiring singer who is suppose to sign a contract to join a band called A.N.JELL. So his Manager, Ma went to look for Mi Nyu in hopes of her to represent herself as Mi Nam to sign the contract and join the band till Mi Nam returns.

The journey began as Mi Nyu dressing up as her brother Mi Nam and lived with 3 other singers in a house. Slowly, Mi Nyu finds love and the band members slowly uncovers that she is a girl. Tae Kyung who is the band leader hated her and wanted to spill the secrets of her being a girl but slowly grew to like her. Her other band members grew very fond of her and things got complicated when another solo singer Yoo He Yi finds out the truth of Mi Nam. :) Watch the drama to find out what happens after He Yi finds out the big secret of A.N.Jell.

Pics.. :D

From left to right- Mi Nam, Jeremy, Tae Kyung and Hyung.

Promise by A.N.JELL [English Translation]
I will promise you to live with only you in my two eyes
I will promise you to live with only you in my two arms
From the time I open my eyes and till I sleep I will only yearn for you
I love you don’t forget these words I love you forever
I will become the shade in the hot summer
I will become your umbrella when it rains
I will become the small chair when you become tired from walking
So that your happiness will be doubled, I wll laugh with you
I will become the towel when you cry to wipe you tears
I will promise you to live with only you in my two eyes
I will promise you to live with only you in my two arms
From the time I open my eyes and till I sleep I will only yearn for you
I love you don’t forget these words I love you forever
We are like coffee and doughnut
Giving me happiness you are my special
Day by day you are running low on energy Emergency
Breathing life into you, your sweet scent
The love I hid every single day
On the day we are together I will show you all
I will promise you that wherever I am I will only remember you
I will promise you that whatever I am doing I will remember you
Forever I will live with this new path in my life
I love you don’t forget there words I love you forever
Yes A.N.JELL here! I will promise just do it Girl
I love you, what more do I need?
My thumping left heart will answer you
One step two step three and four
I will slowly move closer to you
I can’t tell you to wait for me because I will take you
I will promise you to live with only you in my two eyes
I will promise you to live with only you in my two arms
From the time I open my eyes and till I sleep I will only yearn for you
I love you don’t forget these words I love you forever

Lovely song isn't it? <3 I fell in love with this song.
I'll learn this song and maybe one day sing it and post a video here. Yay/Nay? :D

Friday, 3 June 2011

Purring the Angelic Look

Now as we all know, there are some days where we feel a li'l naughty. *wink*
Well here's a trick.. Wanna look naughty and angelic both at the same time? ;)
Let me teach you how girls..! ♥

Okay so here's how u get the look.
Must haves:
1. A white dress
2. Braids at ur fringe
3. EYELINER *essential*
4. Wedges

So Simple! :D

So this is a picture of how I did my eye. I used a liquid eyeliner to do two sleek swipes at the end to create a dynamic cat eye effect. Nice? :D Now u get the theme? :)
I did not use much make up except for liquid foundation, powder and a soft pink blusher. For this look, I kept it simple as to keep to the theme, Purring the Angelic Look.
Here are some pictures of the dinner I attended to. It was held at Umaiya (a Japanese restaurant). A li'l pricey I must say.
Braided fringe creates a softer angelic look! Try it out.. Here's a link to teach u how to do that.
Quick and simple! Here's where I learnt how to do mine. :)

I completed my look with a brown waist-clencher belt and a beige Chanel bag.
I wore white wedges for the night! ;) I am an angel in disguise..

When u want to look angelic, just smile innocently and look cute! :DD My friend on my right is the best teacher. She's adorable. (Zi Ling)

From the Left: Ling Hui, Zi Ling, Me, Kimberly
All the sweet Angelic girls who are wild on the inside. ;)
From top Left: Me, Kimberly, Vallerie
From bottom Left: Zi Ling, Ling Hui, Li Ping

So here's the purring for the night.. ;)

The one that is the most essential part of getting this look is the cat eye effect.
Rmbr if u are planning to create this look for a dinner or an event, practice doing the cat eye effect a day before! It took me a while to get the eyes right. :) Good luck girls!
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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Movie Review : POTC 4 [On Stranger Tides]

Pirates of The Carribean: On Stranger Tides 

Out of 10, I rate it a 7. Reason why?
I believe that the fourth did not have many action scenes and there were many questions lingering.. Like how did Philip know the name of the mermaid, Syrena and as well vice versa. And where did Syrena bring Philip to at the end of the movie?
It was quite a let down for a POTC fan. Agreed? Share your opinions with me below or at my Shout box.

 My favourite character of all time will of cause have to be Captain Jack Sparrow. :) His voice and his facial expressions are amazing! He's legendary.. He fits the character so perfectly. I love how there was a scene where Captain Jack Sparrow showed a softer side to him where he knew he had feelings for Angelica. <3

Okay so there was something bothering me about Angelica. As u all know, she played a fiesty strong woman character.. Remember the scene where Jack left her at the island and left right before he kissed her? I expected her to have done more than just shoot at him with that one last bullet. She did not swim after him nor fight him to stay. This part left me confused of her character in the movie.

Now as for Blackbeard.. I didn't like the name of his ship, Queen Anne's Revenge. Somehow it did not stand out for me. :\ But I guess that's my own personal opinion. Anyhow I love the Blackbeard character. It was all cool and interesting.. :DD *thumbs up*

But the negative part about Blackbeard was the way he was killed. He was such a powerful captain and he was killed by just being stabbed in the back by the "One Legged Man"?! OMG I was expecting a huge war or something! More fights at least! Ugh.. See? Another let down.

 The cute couple. I love how the writer made this 2 (Philip and Syrena) fall in love. I would have never expected it from the start. I thought Philip was just a insignificant character in this movie. <3 Love the softer side of POTC. Philip Swift's real name is Sam Claflin and as for Syrena, her name is Astrid Berges-Frisbey. Kinda find her name so cool. ;D

 Well here's a treat for you guys.. ;) I believe the mermaids are beautiful. 

Here is the first Mermaid they encountered. She is actually a supermodel from Australia named Gemma Ward. So gorgeous. Somehow her looks attracted me most. There is just something about her that is so alluring.
Breanne Beth Berret acted as another mermaid too.

Okay so here.. This scene was the most disgusting part of the whole movie! Ewww! Wth is with that smile and the thumbs up!? So gross! Omg I still can't get it out of my mind.

Hope you enjoyed the review. Please share your opinions with me. Thank you so much! :D

Tuesday, 31 May 2011


:'( I am having one of those unimaginably horrible day. Its so horrible that the moment I woke up, it felt like my world has came to an end. Funny how things work out sometimes for us in life..

Some days I just wish that I was a li'l girl again. The li'l girl who used to stare out the window and always wondering what its like out there.. Curious and excited to explore the adventures of the world. Ignorance is bliss. *sigh* Life was just so much simpler then.. :')

At the age of 2, thats the last I ever thought life was full of sparkles and fireworks. Things started to fall apart at three. So my wish right now is to please make me 2 again. Then stop right there. I want to just see the world in those li'l eyes again. Always imagining life as a fairytale and not knowing fairytales don't come true. 

Sorry I am prolly making u all bored. But I guess I just needed a place to rant about me being all emotional. :) I feel better now!

Will blog again in the evening or night. Stay tuned! I am off to MidValley now.. Call me if anyone wants to meet up. <3

Its one thing to be strong and another to be prepared for the worst.

Au de natural with a tinge of make up?

Hi there! I am here to give u all tips on how to achieve a flawless natural look using make up. :)
U know how some models have very prominent jawline in pictures? I know just how to make that illusion! ;D Read on loves..
                                                                                                        So lets start off with the basic foundation. The best I have used so far is Christian Dior, Extreme Fit. So my first choice of recommendation would be this. U can either use a sponge or a foundation brush.
 Before putting foundation on ur face, firstly squeeze the amount u want on ur hand so that it is at body temperature. This helps better blending.

P.S.- Do make sure that u used moisturizer before applying ur foundation.                                              
I usually use this before I apply on any make up. This helps hydrate ur skin. Its called the Moisture Surge by Clinique. Do know that if ur skin is dry, more dead skin cells fall off hence resulting in ur make up not being able to last long.

This would be my 2nd best recommendation.  This is definitely much cheaper and it has a great coverage. This works best for oily or combination skin as it gives a matte look.

Use ur finger to apply small amounts of foundation on ur forehead, cheeks, nose bridge and below ur lower lip. Use the sponge and start off at the cheek (lowest part of ur cheek nearest to the nose) and work ur way up to the highest part of ur cheek as shown in the picture below. Do the same with the other side of ur cheek. As for your forehead, move the sponge upwards. For the nose, just use ur sponge spreading it all over ur nose in an upward direction. U can use ur finger to spread the small amount right below your lower lip sideways.

P.S.- The reason why I say that U must move ur sponge upwards is because, if u move it downwards all the time, it is very likely that you'll have wrinkles at a young age.

Now use ur concealer after ur foundation. U can use any type of concealer that works best for ur skin. I usually use the concealer from The Body Shop. Smudge it on areas where u want concealed. Dab on it to blend it. Do not rub.

P.S.- U should always use ur concealer after foundation because if u use it before, when u apply ur foundation, u will  usually rub it off.

Apply ur concealer on ur eye bags (if u have panda eyes). Work from the inner corner of the eye with a finger or a brush and move it outwards.

 Use a powder to set ur make up. It is necessary. I use Cyber Colours, Gemstone Compact. It has an spf of 40.
Now is time for blusher. I use Christian Dior, Rose Dragee code number 829. I personally love this because it gives a very natural blush. 

I use a bigger blusher brush to give it a natural look. As a small brush would usually make certain areas look more concentrated and give a blotchy look. Work from the lowest point of ur cheek and work your way up. :)
 Now for the prominent jawline look. :) This bronzer is from Clinique. I use a bronzer to give this nip in effect. Use the lighter shade for fair skin tones and use the darker one for dark skin tones.
Use a smaller brush and suck in ur cheeks. Brush the bronzer over the hollow area. Do it on both sides of the cheek.  

Now if you want to make ur nose look sharper, use an eyeshadow brush and the bronzer to do this. Brush the bronzer on the sides of ur nose bridge. 
 Brush it till this point of your nose and stop. Now your nose will look so much sharper! :D Cool?

 For the mascara, I use an eyebrow brush to brush my eyelashes so that there are no overlaps. Helps best when you want to avoid clogs when u are using ur mascara! 

 For the natural look, I use MAC Haute & Naughty Lash. It has two effects. One natural (twist the pink for the natural brush) and one more dramatic (twist the purple one for the thicker brush). Since I am going for natural I would use the pink one. :D

Use a nude lip gloss or lipstick to complete this look.

 Your look is now completed. :)

Hope this post was of much help to you. Reviews please? :) If u have any further questions, drop them as comments or put them in the chat box on ur left. Thank you!