Wednesday, 17 August 2011


I know its been forever since I posted something.
Reason being college just started for me and everything is kinda hectic. :) Well ever since college started, its been pretty busy and hectic due to all the quizzes and tests but coping well.

Anyway, I was hoping if u guys could help me vote for this competition I joined. :D I only have 8days and a few hours left till they announce the winner! :) If I win this competition, I'll have the chance to be on the cover of Cleo magazine. (something i've always been yearning for!) So here's the link. U can check it out. Thank u so so so much. I know this is a li'l troublesome, but please please do help me. It'll only take 5 mins or less. <3

First u'll have to register, Verify ur account by signing into ur e-mail account and the login to vote! I am on page 13, 2nd pic all the way to the bottom right. :)

This is the pic taken and used for the competition. :D I am on page 13, 2nd from bottom right!

 These two pics are part of my recent photo shoot. :)

Thank u so much for helping out. I love u all.. <3 :)

Please be my miracle workers! <3 :D

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