Sunday, 13 May 2012

Competitive Nature

I just joined a competition a month ago for TheFaceShop's Top Girl competition. Results are coming out on the 16thMay2012! I am freaking out!

They will pick the Top20 & the 20 will attend an interview on the 19thMay2012! On that day itself, they will eliminate 10 people!! Omg.. I really hope my interview session goes well.. Or else.. I can wave goodbye to my dream of representing the brand for 1year, the RM8000, the all expense paid trip to Korea, meeting the ambassadors, making new friends from all over Asia and the supply of beauty products! D;

After they pick the Top10, the 10 will be asked to go for a photo shoot immediately! The pictures will then BR uploaded and posted on their fb page. Ok, do this is the part I dislike. The contestants must ask their fellow friends to vote for them. I believe that this is a li'l unfair as ppl with more friends will get more votes. D;

According to them, the votes only carry a small percentage of marks to the final decision. <3 Omo.. Hwaiting!

If I do get in, vote for me? 💛 Haha ok let's not count the eggs before they're hatched!


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