Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Insignificance and Tolerance

At some point in a person's life, they'll come to a point of realisation of where they stand in life. Where they truly stand in a person's eyes.

Me? I've just came to a point that I realise that I have never achieved anything much in life, I am not one of the smartest people, not one of the richest, never excelled much in wtv I did.. I'm just an insignificant being. Neither this nor that. The one that doesn't have bday parties thrown for her, the one that doesn't have gifts piling up on chirstmas, the one that has friends who makes her feel insignificant at times, the one that never had a father arnd much, the one that has a workaholic mom ( my parents love me.. Don't jump to conclusions! Haha..). I'm just that girl that never really made an impact on someone's life. Yea okay maybe I've hurt people, made a few happy but that's about it. -__- So meaningless. I need to find peace within and of course only God can fill that gap in my life. I am blessed of course. Just unsatisfied with some parts of my life. It's time for a change.. I need to think about what I want for my future and head there.

Sounds so tragic. I may have made it sound worst than it actually is. Let me cut down on all my melodramatic-ness! :P (TRY) Haha!

First & foremost, I am happy. All this rant is just me being upset that people just walk in and out of my life so easily. I just need people I can really count on. Friends, family, best friends.. People that are there for me and truly care & appreciate me. I feel like I always give and give till I realize nobody gives a crap about how I feel. But it's okay. I believe that "what you sow is what reap". Wtv.. Ok I sound like some emo teenager that's about to slit her wrist. ._. I am NOT about to do that.. I just felt like sharing my random thoughts at 3:43am. Yup.

I just think its time I am surrounded by people who make me happy. People who truly love me & appreciate me. I'm done always being the one that gets pushed arnd so much.. Pfft.. Find urself another doormat! I am retiring.. To the people that have always been there for me, thank you. :)

Will be taking bigger measures from now on. For myself. Finally.. For once, it's going to be about me. People who are so quick to judge me, just fuck off. I don't need people like u who don't know a thing about me, affect the way I feel. :)

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