Saturday, 12 May 2012

Life's unexpected turn.. Happy Mother's Day 2012!

Sorry for not posting for so long.. :D Missed me? I've been so busy with my exams that I had very little time for anything else. A-levels is indeed really hectic!

When I enrolled myself into A-levels, in Inti, I was not expecting my class to be so empty. D;
I literally have about 6 students including me in 2 of my classes.

It's been driving me INSANE!
Anyway, I am currently sitting for my AS. I am taking 3 subs. (Law, Business & Econs)
If ur planning to get into Inti, pls do NOT take Econs. Reasons shall not be specified. :) <3

So during the time while I was gone, I bought a new phone! :D Nokia Asha 200.
It has been serving me well at the price of RM250 only.. Everyone shld get one. Its super adorable! With its rounded edges, it looks like an egg shaped phone. Li'l panda pluggy lights up whenever someone texts/calls me. <3 Heh.. Love it..

Okay I know its a li'l long, but it's worth the watch.. Btw, suscribe to Wongfuproductions! :D U would be surprised with their inspiring videos..

Well honestly, not every couple ends up like that.. The process is not irreversible! :) 

Anyway, this is a picture I took and editted. I am considering saving up to buy a DSLR! Do u guys have any suggestions on which brand and model is better? My budget is prolly arnd RM2500..

I have decided to be a full-time blogger after my AS! :D But of cos I will be taking a break whenever exams are nearing.. What do u think? Should I continue blogging or would u rather me not blog anymore? :( Would u read my blog if I did?

I will be updating this blog with makeup tutorials, my shopping hauls, fashion, photography and wtv I find interesting. <3
Well, if ur interested in continuously reading my blog, do comment in the chat box on the right! 

Well, since it's mother's day, Happy Mother's Day to all mummys out there! <3
Ok I know I look funny. WTV! :P

Thank you for reading..

Nicole Allisson

P.S.- All photos are taken and edited by me. Please do not use the picture for any advertisements or personal use without permission. TQ! :D

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