Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Au de natural with a tinge of make up?

Hi there! I am here to give u all tips on how to achieve a flawless natural look using make up. :)
U know how some models have very prominent jawline in pictures? I know just how to make that illusion! ;D Read on loves..
                                                                                                        So lets start off with the basic foundation. The best I have used so far is Christian Dior, Extreme Fit. So my first choice of recommendation would be this. U can either use a sponge or a foundation brush.
 Before putting foundation on ur face, firstly squeeze the amount u want on ur hand so that it is at body temperature. This helps better blending.

P.S.- Do make sure that u used moisturizer before applying ur foundation.                                              
I usually use this before I apply on any make up. This helps hydrate ur skin. Its called the Moisture Surge by Clinique. Do know that if ur skin is dry, more dead skin cells fall off hence resulting in ur make up not being able to last long.

This would be my 2nd best recommendation.  This is definitely much cheaper and it has a great coverage. This works best for oily or combination skin as it gives a matte look.

Use ur finger to apply small amounts of foundation on ur forehead, cheeks, nose bridge and below ur lower lip. Use the sponge and start off at the cheek (lowest part of ur cheek nearest to the nose) and work ur way up to the highest part of ur cheek as shown in the picture below. Do the same with the other side of ur cheek. As for your forehead, move the sponge upwards. For the nose, just use ur sponge spreading it all over ur nose in an upward direction. U can use ur finger to spread the small amount right below your lower lip sideways.

P.S.- The reason why I say that U must move ur sponge upwards is because, if u move it downwards all the time, it is very likely that you'll have wrinkles at a young age.

Now use ur concealer after ur foundation. U can use any type of concealer that works best for ur skin. I usually use the concealer from The Body Shop. Smudge it on areas where u want concealed. Dab on it to blend it. Do not rub.

P.S.- U should always use ur concealer after foundation because if u use it before, when u apply ur foundation, u will  usually rub it off.

Apply ur concealer on ur eye bags (if u have panda eyes). Work from the inner corner of the eye with a finger or a brush and move it outwards.

 Use a powder to set ur make up. It is necessary. I use Cyber Colours, Gemstone Compact. It has an spf of 40.
Now is time for blusher. I use Christian Dior, Rose Dragee code number 829. I personally love this because it gives a very natural blush. 

I use a bigger blusher brush to give it a natural look. As a small brush would usually make certain areas look more concentrated and give a blotchy look. Work from the lowest point of ur cheek and work your way up. :)
 Now for the prominent jawline look. :) This bronzer is from Clinique. I use a bronzer to give this nip in effect. Use the lighter shade for fair skin tones and use the darker one for dark skin tones.
Use a smaller brush and suck in ur cheeks. Brush the bronzer over the hollow area. Do it on both sides of the cheek.  

Now if you want to make ur nose look sharper, use an eyeshadow brush and the bronzer to do this. Brush the bronzer on the sides of ur nose bridge. 
 Brush it till this point of your nose and stop. Now your nose will look so much sharper! :D Cool?

 For the mascara, I use an eyebrow brush to brush my eyelashes so that there are no overlaps. Helps best when you want to avoid clogs when u are using ur mascara! 

 For the natural look, I use MAC Haute & Naughty Lash. It has two effects. One natural (twist the pink for the natural brush) and one more dramatic (twist the purple one for the thicker brush). Since I am going for natural I would use the pink one. :D

Use a nude lip gloss or lipstick to complete this look.

 Your look is now completed. :)

Hope this post was of much help to you. Reviews please? :) If u have any further questions, drop them as comments or put them in the chat box on ur left. Thank you! 

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