Sunday, 29 May 2011

Lessons on how to get a perfect "gel like" manicure the easy way w/o spending a minimum of RM30.

Hi everyone.. :)
I am here today to share tips on how to achieve the perfect manicure at home w/o spending so much on the outside. Today, I have chosen a very simple and elegant design. Enjoy.. ;)

Rule No. 1: 
Always soak your fingers in warm water and massge lotion onto hands before starting a manicure! I would recommend using cocoa buter or the lotion below from Crabtree & Evelyn. It helps moisten ur cuticles and nails for easy filing and trimming. :D In picture 1, is the cocoa butter lotion from Palmer's and a filer as well as a buffer. Buff ur nails to hv an extra shiny effect!

<- This lotion helps refines lines and softens corns for really rough hands. Crabtree & Evelyn "Gardeners Hand Therapy". It is RM80 for a medium sized tube.

Step 1: Massage lotion onto fingernails. Especially on the corners so that it softens the cuticles for easy removal.

Step 2: File your nails into a curve while letting the lotion seep into ur skin to soften the cuticles. Manicures usually look better with rounded nails.

P.S.- This is implied to most manicures except French Manicure. I personally think French looks better on rectangular-shaped nails.

Step 3: Remove cuticles gently! Best if cuticles are able to be pushed back in. :)

Before I proceed, do make sure that these are right beside u when doing ur manicure as sometimes it gets messy and these are our best friends.

These are the main 2 priorities that you need for a manicure. On the left is the Base Coat and on the right is the Top Coat. This Top Coat helps makes your nails look very shiny and smooth (professionally done) when applied. It also helps quicken the process of drying nails.

P.S.- If u do not have a top coat that helps dry nails qucikly and ur in a rush, soak ur manicured hands in cold water. This helps speed up the drying process by about 10-15 minutes.

 Design 1: This design is made for prom and as well glam dinners. Do this only if you have the patience as it takes up about 30 minutes to complete painting your nails. Start painting your nails from the 1st nail polish on the left (Anna Sui- 310) as the base. I usually apply only 1 layer to prevent from having the color turn out too dark. U can use other light colors as u please. Then top the base color with a reddish glitter polish and blend the silver glitter polish to have a 3D effect when looked at different angles. Lastly add on stars when nails are dry. Rmbr to apply the top coat! :D

 This is your product! :) Ta-dah!
 *claps hands* Sorry lighting is a li'l dim. :(

Design 2: This design is more inclined towards the color Nude. This color suits the Season Fall best. 
Start applying the base colour, 1st from the left. Its a peachy pink color. The code number is OR201 from The Face Shop. U can apply 2 layers for this one as the colour is pretty light. Then apply the silver glitter polish on top of the base color. Finally add on a pink glitter with star on top of the silver glitter when dry.

Product: It may look a li'l dull in this picture due to the lighting. The base colour is actually more obvious and darker.

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