Saturday, 28 May 2011

Hey everyone.. ;D

Nicole is back!

It has been way too long since I last blogged.. I guess the reason why I stopped was because I had tons of weird people commenting on my cbox about (horny) stuff they wanted to do to me. Well well.. The world is full of people like that. Thanks for dropping by to view my blog. Pls leave a msg at the chat box on ur right! ;DD I miss blogging so much I just couldn't resist.. My own, My love, My Precioussss...

So today all I did was stay home and had a movie marathon! ♥
Was home alone with my maid so we hogged the home theatre all the long playing Lord of The Rings! *squeels* Legolas and Aragorn and Gandalf The White are my fave characters! I jst have a huge crush on this movie. :P
It is by far the best sci fi movie I have every watched! Only had time to watch the 2nd and half of the 3rd.. Beats every other sci fi movie hands down. Especially, TWILIGHT series. Ugh! Disappointment!

I guess I could say the reasons why I  love this movie is cos of its beautiful sceneries and the very specific details they put into this movie. The action and characters and emotions are all amazing. All 3 series are amazingly well done. I personally think 3rd is the best.. ;) More fighting scenes and surprises.  I know u all may think that this is more of a guy movie but hey.. I LOVE GUY MOVIES! :D Romance movies are overrated.

So after watching the movie, we both got ready and went for a BBQ at a friend's hse.. The girls are still as crazy as I once first met them. And as usual, girls= CAMWHORES! ;D Whole thing was pretty fun except for the hot weather in Malaysia. Grr...

Au revoir!
Thanks for visiting my blog.. Stay tuned to more posts. Sorry for boring u with the first one though. More updates on make up and fashion and maybe.. ;) Tips on Realtionships, Girls, Boys and life.

Gotta wake up at 3.45am cos I have a mini marathon tomorrow at Putrajaya! If ur interested, do come and give us ur support. There will be tv casts from Japan and TV3 as well as many other activities. The prime minister of Malaysia NAJIB will be the guest of honor.

Lots of love,
Nicole Allisson ♥

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