Sunday, 29 May 2011


Now about my day..
I had to wake up at 3.45am this morning! I am not even trying to fool u. I had to wake up to get ready before my bf came to pick me up at 4.20am for a run in Putrajaya! :( It was a 3km run. I know if I were to say what I am about to say next, u'll be like wth? How did she survive?!

I never exercised at all in about 1 yr++. No jogs, no badminton, no swimming.. NOTHING! :D So yes.. I amat bangga with my achievement today. Among 5000 other ppl, my team came in as team number 125. :D Amazing how that happened as non of us were in it to win it. We went for the run as to get full kokurikulum marks as this was an international event.

The run is called Ekiden Run. :) There were approximately 1million ppl in Putrajaya today. Apparently the PM, Najib was there too. :S I was jst too busy running (by running I meant jogging and brisk walking and prolly a 200m sprint every now and then) that I did not notice his arrival. :X

When I was running, I was about to die! First of all, I almost got hit by a bus. -.- Then the route I took had at least 5 steep UPHILLS! OMG! I was contemplating of stealing someone's motorcycle then dumping it 500m before the 3rd checkpoint. I will upload pics another day as there are a few technical difficulties. I GOT A MEDAL BTW! <3

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